Using Scrum to Develop The New D&D

Nov 12

Using Scrum to Develop The New D&D
D&D prod­uct man­ager Mike Mearls is using a soft­ware design tech­nique (one I am very famil­iar with) to design D&D Next! This is really inter­est­ing if you’re a pro­gram­mer. Mearls wrote:

“To start with, we work in two-week sprints aimed at pro­duc­ing mate­r­ial for the next pack­age. If you’ve worked in soft­ware devel­op­ment, you might be famil­iar with the Scrum process. We’ve been using it since the late sum­mer to drive our efforts, and so far it is work­ing well. Scrum focuses our efforts on deliv­er­ing fea­tures of the game—classes, races, tac­ti­cal com­bat, multiclassing—in an iter­a­tive man­ner. Within that process, I serve as the prod­uct owner.” (Source)

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  1. Oh wow, I totally missed this post at the time from Mike! That is really inter­est­ing — and it’s nice to see the end result, now that the first few “offi­cial” 5e prod­ucts are out.

    The qual­ity is SO much bet­ter than pre­vi­ous prod­ucts. A well-prioritized iter­a­tive approach to prod­uct dev cer­tainly works! And not just in soft­ware, as we now see…

    I work in a startup where we run on a weekly sprint cycle, so I know the Scrum frame­work well.

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