Pathfinder Modules by Level

Nov 20

Pathfinder Modules by Level

Paizo, the pro­duc­ers of Pathfinder RPG, also have a num­ber of pre-published adven­ture mod­ules which could be can­di­dates for game­play as new users of the Pathfinder Begin­ner Box progress in their level. After some research, I’ve listed by level the mod­ules I found avail­able. I haven’t played all of these, but if you’re look­ing for a con­cise list of mod­ules based on your groups aver­age party level, this list might come in handy.

Most of these should be tra­di­tional adven­ture mod­ules which are usu­ally self-contained and can be plugged into most any set­ting. RFRPG means the rules are specif­i­cally writ­ten for Pathfinder. OGL means the mod­ule was writ­ten for the 3.5 sys­tem, and might require some very minor con­ver­sion to use within Pathfinder.

Once you’ve pro­gressed as a GM, you can also con­sider Paizo’s Pathfinder Adven­ture Path line, which are epic, 6 part adven­ture series which can take a year or more to play.

Level 1

  • Crypt of the Ever­flame (PFRPG)
  • Mas­ter of the Fallen Fortress (PFRPG)
  • The Godsmouth Heresy (PFRPG)
  • Into the Haunted For­est (OGL)
  • Hangman’s Noose (OGL)
  • Hollow’s Last Hope (OGL)

Level 2

  • Crown of the Kobold King (OGL)
  • Hangman’s Noose (OGL)

Level 3

  • Feast of Raven­moor (PFRPG)
  • Masks of the Liv­ing God (PFRPG)

Level 4

  • Flight of the Red Raven (OGL)
  • The Mid­night Mir­ror (PFRPG)
  • River into Dark­ness (OGL)

Level 5

  • Car­rion Hill (PFRPG)
  • City of Golden Death (PFRPG)
  • Car­ni­val of Tears (OGL)
  • Tower of the Last Baron (OGL)
  • Revenge of the Kobold King (OGL)

Level 6

  • Con­quest of Blood­sworn Vale (OGL)
  • Entombed with the Pharaohs (OGL)
  • From Shore to Sea (PFRPG)
  • Hun­gry Are the Dead (OGL)

Level 7

  • Car­rion Hill (PFRPG)
  • Realm of the Fell­night Queen (PFRPG)
  • Seven Swords of Sin (OGL)
  • Trea­sure of Chimera Cove (OGL)

Level 8

  • Cru­cible of Chaos (OGL)
  • Cult of the Ebon Destroy­ers (PFRPG)
  • Gallery of Evil (OGL)
  • The Pact Stone Pyra­mid (OGL)

Level 9

  • Beyond the Vault of Souls (OGL)
  • The Har­row­ing (PFRPG)

Level 10

  • Clash of the Kingslay­ers (OGL)
  • Curse of the Riven Sky (PFRPG)

Level 11 and beyond …

  • The Ruby Phoenix Tour­na­ment (PFRPG) (11)
  • Guardians of Drag­on­fall (OGL) (12)
  • Acad­emy of Secrets (PFRPG) (13)
  • Tomb of the Iron Medusa (PFRPG) (14)
  • Blood of Drag­on­scar (OGL) (15)
  • The Witch­war Legacy (PFRPG) (17)

The above adven­tures are avail­able by search­ing the prod­uct list­ings at

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