Follow-up Adventures for Pathfinder Beginner Box

Nov 18

Follow-up Adventures for Pathfinder Beginner Box

I’m about to embark on run­ning the Pathfinder Begin­ner Box adven­ture and I’ll be tak­ing this oppor­tu­nity to learn the Pathfinder rules bet­ter.

What adven­tures should I run next after the Begin­ner Box adven­ture? Here’s one road map; feel free to give feed­back:

Start with the Begin­ner Box rules and the four iconic char­ac­ter classes. After that, run adven­tures in this order:

  • Begin­ner Box Adven­ture in GM Guide (1st level)
  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: Crypt of the Ever­flame (1st to 2nd level)
  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: Masks of the Liv­ing God (3rd to 4th level)
  • Pathfinder Soci­ety Sce­nario #17: Per­ils of the Pirate Pact (4th to 5th Level

Around this time, I’d add in the fol­low­ing miss­ing Begin­ner Box rules and con­vert over to the Core Rules:

  • Attack of Oppor­tu­ni­ties
  • Charg­ing on Sur­prise
  • Com­bat Maneu­vers and Com­bat Defense
  • Con­cen­tra­tion Checks to cast spells

Then I’d move on to

  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: City of Golden Death (5th to 6th/7th Level)

After this I might switch to an Adven­ture Path (Rise of the Runelords pos­si­bly, the new edi­tion will be out in June) with new char­ac­ters (open­ing up pos­si­bil­i­ties for all the Core classes), or per­haps con­tinue on with the same Begin­ner Box char­ac­ters along this path:

  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: Realm of the Fell­night Queen (7th Level)
  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: Cult of the Ebon Destroy­ers (8th Level)
  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: Curse of the Riven Sky (10th Level)
  • Pathfinder Mod­ule: Acad­emy of Secrets (13th Level)

There is an XP gap in Crypt of the Ever­flame (tak­ing you to almost, but not quite, to 3th Level) and Masks of the Liv­ing God (tak­ing you to almost, but not quite, to 5th Level), but the Begin­ner Box Adven­ture and Pathfinder Soci­ety Sce­nario #17: Per­ils of the Pirate Pact adven­ture, plus a cou­ple of ran­dom encoun­ters should fill the gap. Sim­i­larly, if there are gaps after any other Pathfinder Mod­ules, sim­ply grab a level appro­pri­ate Pathfinder Soci­ety Sce­nario, or add in some ran­dom encoun­ters. The XP gap in some of the mod­ules in inten­tional as it is expected many GM’s will add in some addi­tional mate­r­ial between mod­ules.

Other pos­si­bil­i­ties to fill in the XP gap include:

  • Plot seeds in the Begin­ner Box GM Book for con­tin­u­ing the plot from the intro adven­ture.
  • Short mini dun­geon in the GM’s Kit PDF which could be expanded upon.
  • Also, if you can’t find mod­ules from Paizo which are appro­pri­ate to your game there are a ton of
  • Third party mod­ules from Frog God Games, Super Genius Games, or from here.
  • Old 3.x Dun­geon Crawl Clas­sics mod­ules from Good­man Games. They are out of print and would take a bit of con­ver­sion but they are generic enough setting-wise that they can be dropped into almost any cam­paign.

All of these (if scaled cor­rectly) could be used as inter­ludes in the Everflame/Masks/City series to over­come the XP gaps.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this guide! I was so con­fused after I had pur­chased the begin­ner box and my play­ers were anx­ious to play another game. Down­loaded some PDFs and are start­ing on the crypt of ever­flame. Which in between con­tent would you per­son­ally rec­om­mend?

  2. Thank you so much for this clear guide.

    I’ve played RPG’s in the past, but it has been a long while. I’ve since picked up a few and read through them around the house, which has piqued the inter­est of my soon to be eight year old son.

    Last year, he saw the kids track play­ing Pathfinder at Gen­Con and really wanted to play. So this year, we’ve signed him up for one ses­sion. He’s very excited.

    So, since his birth­day is at the end of the month, we’re hop­ing to pick up a copy of the Begin­ner Box and then run him and some friends through an adven­ture for his birth­day. From there I was hop­ing to find a clear path on how to break him into the game with­out run­ning him into too mature themes or ideas. He will be only eight after all.

    This is just the guide I was look­ing for. I’ve read through Crypt of the Ever­flame and liked it and for­got about some of these oth­ers.

    Thank you!


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